Sunday, June 16, 2024

Two Giant Underwater Crystal Pyramids Discovered In The Center Of The Bermuda Triangle

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1. Underwater Pyramids

Dr. Meyer Verlag and his team have made an astonishing discovery around 3 metres under the sea at the centre of the Bermuda Triangle – they have found giant crystal pyramids which are least three times larger than the pyramids you can see in Egypt. What’s even surprising is that the technology used in building these pyramids isn’t actually known to modern science, and we believe that this discovery will lead to some shocking results in future.
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2. How did they get there

Some scientists think that the pyramids went to ocean bottom due to an earthquake while others think that these pyramids were supply warehouses for the city of Atlantis.
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3. Atlantis

What is more interesting is that if you go deeper into this mystery, one might find proof that Atlantis was actually real and we might be able to solve the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.
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4. Holes on top

Scientists also discovered two massive holes at the top of the pyramid. Ocean water moved through the second hole, resulting in a huge vortex, which created huge waves and mist at the surface.
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5. Mysterious

Since the pyramids are so huge, and so many secrets are hidden inside, deciphering them will take a long time, but once they have been unlocked, we might be able to solve the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis.
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