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A Woman Is Lowered Down Into A Crocodile Tank–What Happens Next? TERRIFYING!

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1. In the tank

A woman is lowered into a tank with a huge crocodile and things get pretty serious.

2. Adventurous

Franny Prumridge is an adventurous and thrill seeking person who loves to travel around the world in search of new adventures. She decided to try swimming with a crocodile for her latest adventure.

3. Side by side

Some people might have the courage to swim in a tank alongside a crocodile, but people who are willing to go side by side with it are really rare.

4. Crocodile is huge

The picture clearly shows how huge the crocodile when you compare Franny swimming alongside it.

5. Sharks

Some people are even willing to swim with sharks – that’s how adventurous they are.

6. Size of crocodile

The size of a crocodile is a massive 17 ft.

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