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6 Effective Yoga Exercises That’ll Help In Lifting Saggy Breasts In No Time

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Saggy breasts are a common problem among most women as they grow older.  And Women are extremely sensitive to them. But they can hardly do anything to change their breasts’ size and shape, except for plastic surgery which is very expensive. But there is a much better solution – yoga. There are several yoga poses which can lift up your saggy breasts and make them firm again. Aside from doing yoga, you may also want to consider a breast lift surgical procedure to raise and reshape your sagging breasts.

Read on to know in details about these simple yet effective 6 yoga exercises.

1. Warrior pose

This exercise is effective at strengthening the thorax, and also makes it more flexible.


  1. Keep your feet parallel to each other and stretch the legs.
  2. Turn your left at a right angle and move your right foot towards you.
  3. Slowly bend the left knee, as you breathe out.
  4. Raise your arms.
  5. Alight with your shoulders and then gently turn your head.
  6. Continue doing this for 8 – 10 times and then move over to the right side.

2. Triangle pose

This exercise can help improve blood circulation and also strengthen the thorax.


  1. Stretch your legs. Rotate the right foot by 15 degrees and the left one by 90 degrees.
  2. Try to touch your left foot with the right arms by stretching your arm.
  3. Your knees should always remain straight, and then slowly rotate your face upwards.
  4. The same procedure applies for the opposite side as well.

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3. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose can improve your posture and also increase the strength of your abdominal muscles. It also increases your lung capacity.


  1. Lie down on your stomach and breathe in. Slowly raise your torso, but note that your lower body should stay on the floor.
  2. Slowly lift your head along with your arms and legs.
  3. Life at much as possible, then breathe out and return to the initial position.
  4. Initially, you won’t be able to hold this position for a long time, but as your progress, try to hold your arms and legs more and also increase the time you hold the pose.


4. Bow Pose

Bow pose helps solve the problem of the back of pain and also lifts the breasts.


  1. Lie down on your stomach and slowly raise your knees toward the head.
  2. Lift your arms and legs up and hold your ankles.
  3. Lift your hips and upper body to balance your stomach.
  4. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

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5. Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose can increase your energy levels, get rid of fatigue and stress and also solve headaches.


  1. Keep your feet should-width apart and lie on your back.
  2. Your palms should rest on the floor, while your hands should be kept behind.
  3. Slowly breathe out and try to life your hips and upper body as much as possible.
  4. Your arms should stay aligned.
  5. Maintain this pose for a minimum of 30 seconds.

6. Camel Pose

This exercise helps increase lung capacity and also is very useful in reducing back pains.


  1. Keep your feet joined and sit on your knees.
  2. Touch the heels with your hands, and slowly bend backward.
  3. Try to stretch your hands all the way to touch the floor, and try to maintain this position for at least 30 seconds.

These exercises might seem a bit difficult initially, but you will start seeing their effects within a week.


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7.  Remember YOGA is not for EveryBODY!


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