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14 Tips That Will Help You Get Dressed In A Jiffy

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When the alarm clock starts ringing in the morning, the day begins. With every beginning, a huge lot of responsibilities start for the day. When you are supposed to go somewhere or say for your office or college or for a party outdoors then it is the prime time when the basic question arises in your mind. …What should I wear? How to get dressed and that too in a jiffy? Well, here we have listed all the solutions to such small problems and queries.

Let us have a quick glance at the top 14 tips and tricks that can very well assist you in getting dressed in the blink of an eye:

1. Plan well in advance:


When the body awakes it is the mind that still is in deep slumber. The mind takes a bit of time to get alerted! So, when you are basically planning well in advance much of your time is saved and you get the best results. Similarly, when you plan ahead what you need to wear when you will go out then it becomes so easy to choose the dress as well as accessories.




2. Just moisturize in the shower as well:

After having a good and refreshing shower, just dry yourself with the bath towel and then moisturize. On the contrary, it takes a huge lot of steps to moisturize yourself when you are actually in bed. Try to resort to an in-shower moisturizer which will definitely help to eliminate the extra moisturizing step. You just need to apply that just to wash the shower gel off your body. What is more, warm as well as the humid ambiance of the bathroom also helps to open the pores on your skin thus allowing better penetration of the moisturizer. This is good when you’re in the bath, but when the air is damp even in other rooms of the house, it doesn’t bode well. You’d need a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture. Read more on [adinserter block=”16″]

3. Opt for the 2-in-1 process:

Well, a two in one process actually means that you get to perform two factions within a single process. To speak of the shampoo industry it really needs to be mentioned that they are trying their best to make our lives easier and easier with the advent of time. So, you also need to take the benefits of these. Try to choose such a shampoo which has shampoo plus conditioner in it. This will make your job super easy. You need to just apply it rather than using a shampoo first followed by a conditioner. This is a very good trick to gain some more minutes in the morning. And guess what it will save more time to get ready.

4. Towel dry the tresses:

First of all, pull your hair and hold it together. After that try wrapping it up entirely with the help of a towel. Then go on to get dressed. In the meantime when you are in the process of dressing up your hair will become as dry as possible and it will even help to reduce the time of blow drying your hair. Interesting is it not?
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5. Instead of many choose only one:

At the time of makeup, there are a huge lot of steps by using a number of products to do the makeup. However, try to be wise in the choice of such makeups. Try choosing such a makeup that it will help to give the same effect as many different kinds of makeups.
At the time of makeup, there are a huge lot of steps by using a number of products to do the makeup. However, try to be wise in the choice of such make ups. Try choosing such a makeup that it will help to give same effect as many different number of make ups.

6. Try using an eye palette that consists of all the shades:

Makeup is always a necessity. The lovely and colorful eye shadows are just awesome and irresistible. However, when it comes to the case of the mornings when you have to do all the things in a hurry then it is really a hard time to actually do all those makeup. Just try to do a favor to yourself. Just get a palette that consists of all the shades in it that you really need. This will really help a lot to save your time on the whole on a rushed morning. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. Instead of palettes and powders just use sticks:

Just forget all those powders and palette stuff. Instead just opt for cosmetics that are actually stick based. This will actually help you a lot to save your time on the whole.

8. 3-in-1:

When everything else actually fails the lipstick is the one that always stays by your side for your help. It never lets you down. Not only can you use it on your cheeks but also on the eyelids. And obviously your lips. A time will arrive when you will toss all other cosmetics of yours out of the window. [adinserter block=”16″]

9. The superwoman lipstick:

Well, if you are such that you really do not wish for all those makeup just add the lipstick in your single list. Just apply it and go.

10. A cool blue to calm your hot and fiery eyes:

On some days you may as well look a bit pink-eyed. On such days do not forget to use the liner. Use the eyeliner for your upper eyelashes as well a s the lower eyelashes. Well, it will make you look damn fresh. [adinserter block=”16″]

11. Highlighter out and concealer in:

You just do not need a hell lot of products to make yourself beautiful. Just use the concealer as the highlighter itself. Come on give it a try!

12. Use cream-based cosmetics always:

Always try to resort to the cream-based cosmetics that help a lot to eliminate the disgusting brushes. And nothing can be as fast as your own fingers. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

13. Style with the hair:

Well, this one is important as well as a great contributor to your beauty. Try with the simple yet wonderful hairstyle techniques that will help you to save your time a lot.




14. Just create your own favorite playlist:

Well, this one is just great fun. All of us get bored due to the monotonous lives that most of us lead a lot of times. What is more, it is often seen that we get bored to death when working and working and working all the day long. This makes us stressed up. There is the chaos of the morning that actually adds to our mental as well as physical discomfort. Perhaps the best way that you can actually resort to is just giving a minute to listen to a wonderful song that will definitely help you a lot to refresh yourself and your mind too. What is more, you can just do all the multitasking stuff. That means you can do your work and listen to the music as well that will help you a lot to cut down on your stress.

Finally, it really needs to be said that life is a wonderful journey indeed but it always comes with a lot of stress and problems. Starting a day from the morning itself in a beautiful way will always help you to have a smooth day ahead. After all, morning shows the day. Follow the above tips and get your life running smoothly.
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