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If You’re Going To Steal a Phone, Make Sure It’s Not From a Bikini-Clad Off-Duty Officer

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Here is something interesting that is sure to grab your attention. However smart a thief may be, he should not try to steal anything from this woman…..who is no less than the She-Hulk!

1. Meet Mikaela Kellner.

She is a Swedish Policewoman and ….guess what? She has spent a hell lot of time in the gym. She even spends a lot of time sunbathing. Once she was sunbathing, a man tried to steal her friend’s cellphone

2. Guess what….this did not go well:

Well, the thief had a terrible luck that very day. He had hardly thought what would be the consequences of trying to steal the phone of someone who has such a friend having body fat less than a flamingo…perhaps!

3. She did just awesome:

While keeping a keen eye on the actions of the man who was trying to steal, she at once spotted him and held him down with all her might. He could not even move under her strength.

4. Dedication:

Now that is what we all will call true dedication to her fitness. She never skips her workouts, and the citizens need not fear as Kellner is here.

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