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No One Has Gotten Luckier Than These 13 People

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#13 The Falling Tree

This guy is so lucky that he parked his vehicle on the right situation and that his auto can be a small one.

#12 Good Luck

This guy seems to have a just right fortune except both the two fortune cookies predict the same.

#11 Got One Extra

What may also be higher than a case of beer? It’s getting a further one within the case!

#10 Which Is Your Favourite Colour?

If his favorite color is purple, then it’ll be his best day

#9 Isn’t It Charming?

That is rather quality to have so many vibrant marshmallows.

#8 At The Right Place

The phone got stuck at the right place, but the owner should rinse it properly.

#7 Timber

Seeing this, the coverage agent of this vehicle simply acquired a heart assault.

#6 Yummy

What can be extra yummy than getting a double layered cream cookie?

#5 Better Than Bullseye

Even though it’s not a profitable shot, however, the one who threw the 2nd dart is simply terrific.

#4 Lucky

It is hard to say, what happened next but the seal got lucky for this moment at least.

#3 Don’t Take A Back

The car just escaped from being crushed.

#2 The Keys

The key’s owner needs to be still in shock and need to be preparing himself to pick up the keys safely

#1 At The Last Point

The nail pricked into the shoes simply on the last factorSource

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