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18 Shoes From the ’90s You Forgot You Were Obsessed With

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1. These are from the early 2000s, but I hope they still count.

2. Sugar Floaties

They look so squishy!

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3. Jelly Sandals

While they look cool, their main problem is that just after an hour of walking in them, your feet will be full of sweat which can ruin these shoes much faster and make for a discomforting experience.

4. Chinese Laundry Flip-flops

Do you know the material that is used in woven straw beach mats? That same material is used in the lining of these shoes.

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5. Chinese Slippers

These slippers used to come in a variety of colors, and were most popular in junior high schools.

6. Doc Martens Sandals

These were so popular that people used to wear them everywhere, and finally these were thrown away after they started smelling bad due to overuse.

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7. Steve Madden Slip Ons

While these shoes look very comfortable, they made extremely loud noises when you walked in them. Some kind of a stretchy elastic was used to make the straps, so the bottom of your foot would be hit with every step you took. They used to look quite cool, though, especially if you paired them up with capri pants and a hair bandana.

8. Sanuk Voodoo Flip-flops

Most people were misled by the spongey rubber sole of these shoes and thought that they were very comfortable, but the truth was that they were actually very irritating.

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9. Adidas Shower Shoes

Almost every girl who was Sporty Spice in her talent show had a pair of these shoes.

10. Rocket Dog Platform Rainbow Flip-flops

Haven’t heard the name “rainbow platforms” in a long time.

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11. Mudd Holographic Sandal Heels

Holographic stuff is still quite fashionable, so these shoes looked really cool.

12. Platform Flip-flops with Fur Straps

You used to watch these cool shoes at the mall but never bought them since your mother didn’t allow that.

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13. Birkenstock Clogs

These shoes were worn by both genders and were quite popular. People used to wear them everywhere with everything.

14. Candies Wooden Heels

While these shoes were quite fashionable, they also were dangerous to walk in. Several accidents have happened because of these shoes, and I am sure you have also slipped several times while walking in these.

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15. L.E.I Velcro Platform Sneakers

You probably remember that similar shoes were worn by Hilary Duff on the cover of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, so most people wanted to buy these as well.

16. Skechers Platforms

How could you forget these?

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17. Unlisted Strappy Heels

Although pink was a rare color, most people had these shoes in black. You probably even wore them to your eighth-grade dance.

18. Chunky Platform Loafers

If you have seen the extremely popular TV show “Friends” (who hasn’t?), then you probably know these shoes since Rachel on that show used to wear similar shoes. You used to think back then that you will buy them the moment you turn 20 in every color combination possible.
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