1. It all started with Kanye

During Taylor’s VMA speech in 2009, Kanye interrupted her and said that Beyonce deserved the award much more than Swift.
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2. Song for her ex-boyfriend

After her relationship with John Mayer had ended, she wrote a song named “Dear John,” which embarrassed John. Hence he didn’t hesitate to return the favor.
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3. Justin hates her

Justin Bieber hates Taylor Swift since she was caught fake barfing while Justin kissed Selena Gomez, who used to be her girlfriend back then.
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4. Stay Out Of It!

Taylor spoke rather poorly of Nicki Minaj after her event regarding the VMA nominations; however, Nicki never even uttered Taylor’s name during her event.
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5. Miley hates her too

Taylor didn’t hesitate to claim that Miley’s performance at VMA was boring and “grotesque”![adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”5th page”][adinserter block=”16″]

6. Bad Blood

Remember Taylor’s hit song “Bad Blood”? Katy Perry and Taylor were very close friends, but after they had a fight, Taylor wrote this song about her old friend.
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7. Diplo hates her too.

Diplo used to Katy Perry’s former boyfriend and is still her good friend.
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