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You Have No Idea What Your Bra Is Doing To Your Breasts

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Girls rush to lingerie stores to buy bras as soon as they reach puberty since their breasts start growing. There are different kinds of bras such as push-up bra, air bra or Balconette, which can make your breasts look perfect depending on the occasion. Many women can’t decide whether they should wear bras or not since they know wearing bras can make their breasts lose shape and become saggy in the long run. Some believe that this is nothing but a myth, but science has proved that this is true.

Take a look at these effects that your bra can have on your breasts – I am sure you will no longer wear a bra after reading these.

1. Due to the support of the bra, the muscles in your breast become weak, and as a result, they gradually lose their shape as you grow older

2. The blood vessels in your breasts are flattened resulting in improper blood circulation due to the pressure applied by the bra on your breasts.

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3. Dump your bra to improve blood circulation, muscle strength, your overall energy and confidence levels.

4. You can never sleep properly if you wear the bra to bed.

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5. If you stop wearing bras, the health of your breasts will improve drastically. The muscles will become stronger and tighter, and the blood circulation will improve as well.

6. You will feel more comfortable if you don’t wear your bra.

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7. Your breasts will look larger without any modifications at all if you simply ditch your bra.

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