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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not Into You Anymore

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Whenever a girl is in a relationship, she will trust her boyfriend completely but sometimes it can backfire. Some men aren’t faithful and are just not worthy of you.Read on to know more about these signs which will help you decided whether your boyfriend is faithful or not.

1. Ignoring

Ignoring and neglecting their girlfriend is the first sign that he is no longer interested in you.

2. He only asks when he needs you.

You might find that the only time he calls you is when he needs something or he wants sex – it shows that he is definitely using you. He will leave you once he no longer needs you.
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3. Simply dumped you without giving any explanation.

He will break up without any explanation. Your relationship might seem perfect, but he will still find some absurd reason, which shows that he is not interested any more.


4. He isn’t interested in an emotional relationship

Whenever you try to ask him about the future of the relationship and how you should move to the next level, he will always change the topic and try to make fun of you.
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5. He often speaks about his ex.

He will never stop talking about his ex, making you feel jealous. You will also find him texting her often and also stalking her on social networking sites.


6. He doesn’t tell others about you.

He doesn’t want others to know about you. He thinks you are just a passer-by, and if his friends and family get to know about you, it will be difficult for him to break up so he just tries to avoid that situation. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. You cannot understand what is going on in his mind.

He won’t answer your phones or any questions you ask, and then suddenly you will find that your number is in the blocked list on his phone.
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