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When The Principal Noticed The Notes On This Childs Lunchbox She Called The Police

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1. Lunchbox Notes

Christina Zavala, a mother in California, follows a tradition that is admired by many parents. She inserts small notes in her son’s lunchbox, who is 7 years old, to show her love and support.

2. Bible Versus

She often writes a verse from Bible too, which will encourage her son. Her teacher too noticed these notes in the child’s lunchbox daily.

3. He Started Sharing

The child started sharing these notes and message with his classmates and friends. They used to wait eagerly for his notes and even requested him to read them loudly while having lunch. And he didn’t mind at all.

4. Verses In The Classroom

These notes and verses came to the classroom too, and needless to say, the teacher didn’t prefer this so he told him not to share these verses in the class anymore.
A little girl told the teacher one day that she has heard one of the most beautiful stories ever, and wanted to share it, but became sad when she was told that her friend would never be allowed to share these stories from now on.

5. Teacher Is Appalled

The teacher still angry even after knowing how much the young kids enjoyed the verses. She thought that this separation of church and state should not be tolerated, so she instructed the boy to tell her mother to stop sending these notes. He was only seven years old, and still haven’t learnt the concept of separation.

6. Upset Boy

The boy was rather upset and told her mom the entire incident. He started crying since he enjoyed telling these stories to his friends. He also feared that the teacher hated him now.

7. His Mother Got Angry

The mother was really angry and the next day, she went to school to discuss the situation with the teacher. The teacher didn’t take any action, as the son, mother and around 15 students read bible verses surrounding her. Many parents came forward as well to know what was happening.

8. Teacher Wasn’t Amused

The teacher got furious and informed the principal, although she herself didn’t “rant” against Christianity or Bible.

9. The Police Was Called

Principal Melanie Pagliaro too became furious and decided that this won’t be allowed as it is against school policy. They were asked to shift to a public place such as a sidewalk for such meetings, but when they refused the police were called to escort them out.

10. The Family Issued A Warning

A deputy sheriff in Los Angeles arrive at the family’s house on 9th May, 2016 to tell them not to send these notes anymore since it is offending lot of people at school. Although the school had the support of the police, Liberty Counsel, a Christian nonprofit litigation group, was backing up the family. They believed in freedom and thought the school’s action couldn’t be justified on moral grounds.

11. The School Posts On Social Media

Harry Mihet, one of the counsel’s attorneys, showed that he was quite angry with this situation. He said that he never expected such behaviour from police in this country, since they were literally bullying these kids.
The school then posted on social media that their policy won’t change and no religious liberties will be compromised. A full investigation was being carried out as well.

12. Christian parents are furious

The posts on social media made a lot of people, including Mihet, furious. The family is now asking for an apology from the school officials for insulting them and harassing their kid in front of others.
Based on the above facts, which party do you believe is right? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.

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