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Secret Pokemon Go Hacks To Level Up

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#1 Pawprints

A pawprint on your Pokemon tracker is equal to 109 yards.

#2 Don’t Go Too Fast When It Comes To Hatching Eggs

If you go over 15mph you won’t make any progress in hatching your eggs. That means, traveling in a car is out.

#3 Stock Up On Lucky Eggs

Use your stash of lucky eggs as you are about to hatch a lot of eggs or if you are going to evolve a lot of your Pokemon.

#4 The Curve On Your Pokemon’s Profile

This curve should weigh heavily into your decision to evolve or not evolve.

#5 Get Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon

If you want Pikachu as your starter, run away from your first battle and he should show up.

#6 Save Data And Battery Life

Turn off your AR when you find a Pokemon and it can save you data and battery life.

#7 Download Google Maps

This is another way to save battery life and some data.Source

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