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Why You Should Delete Pokemon Go Immediately

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Pokemon Go Has Gained Immense Popularity In A Week

1. The last Pokemon game which became a huge hit was released in the 1990s.

After so many years, a new game has been launched named Pokemon Go, which basically is about capturing Pokemon as you walk around the neighbourhood.

While it has caught the attention of lots of people all over the world, there are some disturbing facts associated with this new app.

2. There are dangers too

Millions of people have signed up to play this game. They are trying to collect all 150 Pokemon in this app, while the companies, Niantic and Nintendoare receiving a lot of personal information including your location.

However, that isn’t the only the problem – you have to sign up with Google and need to keep location on at all times to play, so it was expected that this sort of monitoring will be present, but the troubles don’t end here.

The company is receiving much more information about you, and you definitely don’t want that.

3. Doesn’t sound good

People who have registered in the game with their Google account(you can also register using Pokemon trainer club, which isn’t available at the moment) has accidentally given full access to Nintendo and developing company, Niantic, which was earlier owned by Google and still belongs to Google’s investment portfolio.


By full account access, we mean that the developers are able to view, edit, collect and delete basically anything linked with your Google account – these include pictures, documents, emails, location and search history. In fact, you don’t even need to open the app – you have given them access once you have signed up. The most troubling fact is the company can send emails on your behalf from your address to others – this is literally the biggest red flag possible in any app, and opens countless opportunities for hackers.

5. So maybe it is time to think a bit logically before playing this game like crazy?

I know this sounds strange and scary, but it is the truth. Pokemon game sounds completely harmless, but turns out it comes with countless security risks.

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