Sunday, September 24, 2023

New Unexplained Google Earth Photos

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#1 Tossing a Dead Body

This creepy image remains unexplained. Whatever is going on down there isn’t good.

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#2 Woman Being Kidnapped

This is a very disturbing screenshot. The sad thing about finding things like this on Google Earth is that those people are long gone. And the woman…she’s dead.
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#3 Sea Monster?

This strange image was captured on April 9, 2016 near Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. This is not a picture of part of the island, or a boat making waves. It’s just…THERE. Scientists don’t know what it is, but they think it could be what made a huge “bloob” sound under the ocean in 1997.

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#4 Truck and Possible UFO?

What’s an unidentified NOT flying-but-looks-like-it-could- Object? Whatever this strange craft is, Google ain’t sayin’ jack about it.
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#5 Ancient iPod Ad

This natural landform in Alberta, Canada looks amazingly like a Native American wearing a classic headdress. Kinda looks like he’s got some earbuds on too. The natives didn’t have bluetooth beats so…you know.
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#6 Huge Man on Horse Across the Mountains

The land seems to have naturally formed into the shape of a man riding a horse. Look how it compares to the size of the trees. Who could possibly create that?
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#7 Pants Down

You can even see underneath women’s jeans. That’s how powerful Google is.

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#8 Anti-Gravity Car

We know the military has advanced technology. We just didn’t think it was parked on the side of the office building.

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#9 Swim in Lake of Blood

Sadr City in Iraq has a blood-red lake that no one can explain. It looks like a building, but nope. You could go swimming in there.

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