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This Ugly LA Dump Was Listed For $475,000 Cash Only. But Wait ‘Til You See The Inside

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The ugly LA home that is no better than a dump was listed for just $475000 only and when you see the interior you will be bloody shocked.

1. North side, Los Angeles:

This house may seem to be cheap and historic remains, but it is actually worth something more than you can imagine.

2. The Property:

The ugly looking home in Los Angeles was listed for merely $475,000. Although the exterior of this property looks really shanty, the interior is quite contrasting.

3. The Kitchen:

Well, once upon a time it was the dream of the chef who worked here and now it lies in a shanty condition.

4. Few furnishing appliances:

The furniture as well as other appliances in the property are not in a good condition. The toilet seats are stained and really need to be replaced as soon as possible.

5. Exposed pipes:

The pipes that were once concealed perhaps are now exposed open and can be seen.

6. Hideaway spa:

The bathtub and spa seems to be deserted for a very long time and remains in isolation and stained.

7. Living room:

The living room empty as it seems still remains in great neglect. Once it was perhaps the most attractive part of the property long time back but now it is one of the worst places in the house.

8. Huge fenced yard:

There are big fences all over the yard. The entire home needs a overall rehab. The 0.18 yard home includes this disgusting backyard with fences all around.

9. Going once, going twice:

This is undoubtedly the worst home in the entire neighborhood. But the surprising fact it that it is still to be sold at least for some amount of money. Strange!

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