Thursday, March 30, 2023

Shopping centre traps polar bear just so shoppers can get a selfie with it

Must read This is probably the saddest polar bear in the world, who is trapped in a Chinese shopping centre. Its only purpose in life is to allow people to take selfies with it.


The animal is on display at the Grandview shopping centre in Guangzhou, China, where people can stop by the enclosure to take a selfie or maybe tap on the glass.

Needless to say, animal welfare activist are trying their best to help the bear, after the saw a video where the bear was lying on the floor, completely tired.
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Whats shocking is that the polar bear isn’t the only animal at display in the shopping center, other animals include wolf, Arctic foxes,  six young belugas and five walrus calves.

Charity, Animals Asia, are now asking people to not visit this centre till the animals are returned to their respective habitats.
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Dave Neale, directory of the charity reported to The Mirror that it is extremely hard to provide a suitable living environment for polar bears in captivity.
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He said, “When captured, polar bears show such stereotypic behavior preventing them from showing their natural instincts, including the need to forage.”

We are requesting the Chinese public not to visit this place for this attraction, because this is pathetic and should be illegal. A polar bear was captured just for shopping and taking selfies?
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Pictures: Animals Asia
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