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18 Things That EVERY Pregnant Woman Has Secretly Done

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Pregnancy is wonderful, but it can be difficult for the to-be-mother. Women have to face a lot of problems during pregnancy, which can make your life really difficult. Here are the top 18 things that every pregnant woman has secretly done!

1.Not zipping up your jeans

During the later stages of pregnancy, none of your clothes will fit. As a result, when you are wearing a long top, you just don’t bother to zip up your jeans.

2. Ordered everything on a restaurant menu

I am not saying that this is wrong – its perfectly fine to order everything when you are pregnant, since now you are eating for two or maybe even more. So, don’t hide those cravings – its perfectly fine to show them.
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3.Checked what looked like “downstairs”

You know very well that when your baby will be born, things are going to change quite a bit. So, you often look all around since this is going to change soon.

4. Didn’t wear certain shoes

Fashion shoes are a favourite of every woman – after all they make you look gorgeous. But as your ankle swells, you can no longer wear those; instead your only option is the old fashioned sneakers.
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5. Been a total diva

This is probably the best part about pregnancy –you can be a total diva, and when people start talking about it, just say that those were your hormones controlling you. After all, who won’t believe a pregnant lady?

6. Held your belly to let others know about your pregnancy.

People often think that you are just fat instead of being pregnant. And this is such a bad situation, but you can easily avoid this by letting them know. Just hold the bottom of your belly to let others know that you are just pregnant.
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7. Put more stuff on the baby registry

We all know that the baby registry is only meant for the baby, but mothers also need some love. So why not put some extra stuff on the baby registry for the mother? Sure there is no harm in doing that, when you need a few little gifts.

8. Peed in your pants accidentally

Losing bladder control is one of the worst parts of pregnancy, and one of the funniest parts as well! When women are out, it is natural that they have peed a bit during pregnancy. It can be awkward, but you should be able to handle the situation with ease. [adinserter block=”16″]

9. Dyed your hair

People will always say that there is no problem in dying your hair, but you probably feel guilty about it. But when you are pregnant, it provides you the perfect opportunity to do it, and no one will even judge you!

10. Cried alone

Everyone gets emotional when they are pregnant and are alone. Hormones are out of control during pregnancy, so its highly likely that you have cried alone when you are pregnant.
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11. Squeeze nipples to see if there is milk yet

Most women don’t lactate till their babies are born, but there are always exceptions. So women often squeeze their nipples during pregnancy to check if there is any milk yet.

12. Drinking coke or coffee

Caffeine is prohibited during pregnancy, but sometimes the craving is just too strong. Drinking a hot cup of coffee is so satisfying, right? You don’t need to worry, since this will remain our secret! [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

13. Forgot to take vitamins

Vitamins are crucial during pregnancy, and those should be taken daily. But people forget, so if you have skipped your vitamins one day or twice it shouldn’t be a huge problem.

14. Ate an entire ice cream tub

When you first get the ice cream, you only want to eat a few spoons. But gradually, those few spoons turn into the whole tub. You might not have even realised that the tub is empty until its too late!
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15. Weird discharge

These things happen, and women are embarrassed to talk about it. This is normal during pregnancy, and you are not alone in this.

16. Farted in public

Everyone has done this at some point, but doesn’t want to talk about it. During pregnancy, controlling your body is even more difficult, so these things can happen. No biggie. [adinserter block=”16″]

17. Tried to have sex to attempt inducing labour

If you are past your due date, then you are probably thinking of ways to push that a bit. And sex is the best solution. And there’s nothing wrong with it, if it can complete the job.

18. Not listening to what others are saying

You simple pretend that you are listening when people are talking to you. Instead, you are constantly thinking about food and just hope that they stop soon!
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