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Inmates In Texas Break Out Of Jail To Save Guard Who Suffered A Heart Attack & Collapsed

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A group of prisoners in a prison in Texas freed themselves last month, in order to save a guard’s life who fell down after suffering from a heart attack. That jailer owes his life to the inmates who risked their own lives to save his.


This incident occurred on 23rd June, in a holding cell situated in the basement of the District Court Building in Weatherford.


The guard was standing just outside the cell and joking with the prisoners when suddenly he fell down on the floor. The prisoners were not sure what they should do, and started shouting in order to attract attention to save him. However, no one responded so they broke free from the cell to help him.

“He just collapsed. Seemed like he was acting. We thought he would die if he didn’t receive medical attention soon.”, said Nick Kelton, who was one of those inmates. He was arrested for dealing with drugs. “It was risky since the other guards could have come with guns and immediately start shooting us.”

After breaking out, they checked his pulse, but couldn’t find it. They knew it was serious and began to hit the door to make noise so that the guards will come.


Floyd Smith, another inmate said, “The others thought that we were taking over the prison and breaking free.”

Sergeant Ryan Speegle reported that it could have been a worse situation, since that guard had a gun as well as keys to unlock the prison doors. He had even roughed up one inmate who was standing near the fallen jailer.


After the other guards came, CPR was done, and paramedics was called. Finally, the jailer was able to survive.

The jailer’s identity cannot be revealed, but he is on his way to full recovery and should join from next week.

The inmates then went back to their cells, but what they did for that guard is praiseworthy since they put their own lives at high risk to save his.


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