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Pokemon GO: Teen Kills Younger Brother Because He Thought He Deleted His Pokemon

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A horrible incident occurred in Jacksonville, FL recently, regarding the game, Pokemon Go, released a few days ago, which has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, with over a million active users. However, once again the game is in the news because of a tragedy linked with it. Timmy Richards, a 15 year old teenager living in Florida, was arrested by the police this Sunday morning after he stabbed his younger brother, who is 13 years old, to death. The reason was rather strange –Timmy thought that his brother deleted his Pokemon, but the truth is he just logged out. [adinserter block=”16″]


Pokemon Go was released this week, and so far, it has been a tremendous success, with millions of active users. People from all age groups, even adults, are playing this game. The player has to travel outside (on foot or via a bike or any other means of transport) to capture Pokemon. Officer Gary Philips arrived at the murder scene soon and reported that this was really tragic. “I can’t imagine that a person will be so obsessed with a game that he will kill another human being. And that too, just because there was a misunderstanding.” Timmy’s family members are shocked and they said that Timmy was usually a peaceful guy and he hardly got angry. [adinserter block=”16″]


Authorities said that only a few minutes after stabbing his brother, Timmy realised that he had just logged out, and his Pokemon were intact. The medical examiner reported that this was shocking. “I can’t imagine someone killing his brother because he thought his Pokemon was deleted. Even worse is the fact that he only had inferior Pokemon such as Ratatta and Pidgey. If he had superior Pokemon such as Dragonite or Gyarados, I would have understood but this is too much. In fact, I captured a Ratatta at the murder scene.”[adinserter block=”16″]


All Pokemon Go players are being advised to remain rational while playing; one shouldn’t let the game control his mind which can lead to disastrous situations. Timmy will be charged with second-degree murder as an adult.
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