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This Clever Toothpick Puzzle Is Going Viral. Can You Solve It?

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The Internet is wonderful and if full of surprising stuff which goes viral because they are entertaining. These include puzzles because they can confuse people and people enjoy solving them. These puzzles can be logical, or even include basic math.

This article is about a rather “simple” toothpick puzzle. See if you can solve it. Read on to know more.

1. This is the puzzle that has gone viral

The puzzle begins with 12 matchsticks arranged in a specific manner to form four squares.

2. Toothpicks can be used as well in place of matchsticks.

Basically, you need to create those four squares, what you use for that isn’t important. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. Now the puzzle is to transform these to 3 squares.

It would have been easy, but the criteria is you can use no more than 3 moves to achieve this.

4. Some people thought this was quite tricky, but many people got the solution quickly.

According to some people, they knew the solution beforehand since they have solved a similar math problem in school. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. So how is it possible?

The problem was first spotted on Quora. It took some time, before people were able to solve it.

6. This is the first step.

Take one toothpick from the top left. Now place that toothpick at the right side centre.
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7. Second step involves taking one more toothpick from the top left.

You have probably found out the solution by now.

8.Place the stick at the center of the bottom part for the final step.

It is probably clear now that upon following these steps the square in the lower center vanishes and you are left with only three squares which was the criteria.
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9. With such a simple solution, many people didn’t believe it was difficult.

Still, the puzzle has gone viral on social media. Quite a few people were unable to solve it as well.

10. According to one commented, there were 5 squares in the original problem.

You can search for similar matchstick puzzles on the Internet for different and more difficult versions.

You should definitely share this with you friends and family.
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