Sunday, September 24, 2023

Which Style of Private Hair Do Guys Prefer?

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#1 So Many Options

How’s a girl supposed to choose?

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#2 Men Care More Than Women

That’s not surprising. A hairy woman is worse than a hairy man. But what style is preferred?

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#3 Close Call

38% of guys prefer a woman who has a little bit of hair, which includes the Brazilian strip and classic bikini wax.
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#4 Do Men Feel Pressured

Only 20% of guys don’t give a sh*t about grooming.

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#5 A Bone Killer

Only 9% of men are complete idiots.

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#6 What Women Think of Men

Over half of women don’t even care about men’s pubes. Seems a little unfair, but whatever.

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#7 What Women Really Do

Half of the women were usually hair-free. While 46% did SOMETHING to their down there hair. And 4% went completely natural.

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#8 Going 0ral

The style of hair is more important if a guy is going down on a girl.

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#9 And Now You Know….

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