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Woman Causes 10 Car Pileup After Seeing Jesus In Her Kit Kat Candy Bar

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1. Felicity Castro was driving during heavy office hours in Heavy Santa Fe, NM.

For some time, she wanted to eat something sweet at that time. She found that a Kit Kat bar beside her, which she hadn’t seen before. So she went ahead, opened it, and took a small bite. And then she noticed that a face belonging to Jesus emanated from the chocolate and wafers which caused many to be injured and a sue by the a lawyer from the

2. Castro let God control her car, and closed her eyes and started praying.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before she crashed into another car at high speed of 90 miles per hour which according to a local source causes most of the accidents in the area. In the meantime, other cars lost control as well, which led to a ten car pileup. Moreover, one of the cars got suspended from a power line.

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3. Castro believes Jesus did this.

“Everything happened so fast. I saw Jesus in the Kit Kat bar, and before I even knew it, my car hit another vehicle, which in turn hit another in front and so on. I am aware that this was a sign from Jesus”, sais Castro. “This is extraordinary; this must be done by Jesus. One of the cars is even hanging upside down.”

4. An emergency crew was called to treat the people who have minor injuries at the scene.

Two people, however, got hit badly. One woman, whose car got suspended in the power line, was stuck for three hours and was having a panic attack, so she had to be admitted to the ER. if you are ever affected like this by a distracted driver, use this link to find out how to present a legal claim for injuries and damages.
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5. The man in the car in front of Castro was injured severely, but Castro received only minor injuries.

Castro claims that Jesus saved her. “I was praying, so I was saved. If that man were praying as well, he wouldn’t have been hit so badly. Jesus would never hurt one of his followers. He needs to reconsider how he plans on using his time after healing from this car accident.”, Said Castro. She added that she would visit him in the hospital to bring him “some Jesus”.

6. Castro responsible, not Jesus – Police said.

Castro was driving without any license or insurance and was arrested for her irresponsible driving causing one auto accident on tennessee roadways.
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