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Jobs That Will Soon Be Taken Over By Robots. Creepy…

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1. Nurses

This picture is of a Japanese robot, called RI-MAN, specifically designed to substitute a nurse and take care of humans. It is embedded with technology such as tactile sensor sheets, which provides a sense of touch, hearing smell and vision to the robot. We all know that robots aren’t tired and they can offer better precision than human nurses which will be helpful in the medical industry.

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2. Soldiers

The military has been running experiments with robotic soldiers for quite some time now, who are far superior than humans. This means that men who planned on joining the army won’t be able to do it in the near future. These soldiers are absolutely terrifying and can easily destroy multiple soldiers in an instant. Seems like the Terminator films really got this right.
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3. Pr0stitutes

There are people who buy $ex dolls, but why purchase these or even pay for a prostitute when you could have the same experience with a perfect human body in the form of a robot pr0stitute who doesn’t have any weird feelings. Besides, they will be in their new condition when bought.
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4. Teachers

Teachers are gradually using more and more technology such as video interacting software to teach children. Online learning is becoming huge nowadays. The time isn’t far away when all teaching will be done by robots only.

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5. Baby Sitters

You are basically paying teenagers to take care of your kids who can be reckless with them, often putting them in trouble. Don’t you think robots will be a better choice? Robots won’t fall asleep, will always be careful and you are guaranteed that it will do everything it can to protect your child. Now that sounds like a bright future.
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6. Musicians

Nowadays, most music uses digital manipulation for enhancement. Often, programs completely write music as well. Algorithms which can decided which beat will sound better than the others will soon exist, meaning that robots can become the best musicians in the future.
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7. Receptionist

This picture is of a robot receptionist, named MechaDroid Type C3 robot. It basically is the best receptionist ever – doesn’t make any calculation errors, will always provide the best advice and uses facial recognition to easily interact with the customers. One solution they will have to find is how to add a good translation like the jobs done by Espresso Translations in London.
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8 Police

Robocop was a pretty silly movie in the 80’s but it is actually close to becoming part of our every day lives. Police will soon be a squad of robots––traffic cops first. Robotic law enforcement has been tested in countries like the Congo. Before long, Robocops in your city won’t care that your wife is in labor when you get detained for speeding. #DoesNotCompute
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9 Astronauts

An astronaut’s health needs to be maintained while in space. Their bodies are monitored constantly, and combating the effects of zero-gravity is a full time job. A robotic astronaut may be a less risky and more efficient replacement. Sorry, kids. You’ll have to wait until Mars is already colonized.
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10 Receptionist

The MechaDroid Type C3 robot receptionist never makes mistakes. It never gives wrong directions. It even uses facial recognition to allow it to interact more naturally with humans. And it can learn Spanish way faster than you can.
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