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This Is What Happens If You Stop Using Shampoo For A Year And It’s Shocking

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Well, how many of you all are knowledgeable with the no-poo trend? A huge lot of people have adapted this very basic concept to flaunt gorgeous hair. Many girls all over the globe have started resorting to this new hair therapy that actually involves no application of shampoo at all for washing as well as cleansing your hair.

Even top stars like Miranda Kerr and even Jennifer Aniston are said to have adapted to this type of hair treatment. According to them, there is hardly any difference between simply washing their hair with water or applying shampoo or any soap to wash their hair. It feels almost the same in both these cases.

Someone had posted on Quora that whether there is any difference between washing your hair with shampoo or simply doing the same with normal water. It was then that several people came up with the same words that washing their hair with water is preferable. Let us get to have a quick glance at what some people said.

1. Washing hair with water is better:

One girl said that she could see a number of visible changes when she started opting for washing her hair with plain water. She said that the irritation and itchiness that she used to feel on her scalp almost vanished after she started washing her hair with normal water. She feels that previously she was facing irritations on the scalp due to the use of a shampoo.

2. They had not used soap or shampoo for a very long time indeed:

Another girl claims that soap and shampoo both contain harmful and toxic chemicals that can prove to be quite harmful to the quality of hair as well as to the scalp. She feels that she might have suffered those irritations on her scalp due to the chemicals in her shampoo.

3. You will feel disgusted:

Those who generally have an oily scalp will face this problem. You slowly get used to the phenomenon of washing the hair only with water.

4. After 10 months of washing hair with shampoo, one person used sodium bicarbonate and saw shocking results:

She claims that she had earlier used shampoo to wash her hair daily for about 10 months. But she found no improvement but in fact she suffered from irritations and itchiness. But soon after that she started using sodium bicarbonate, better known as, baking soda, to wash her hair. She started observing that all those irritation she had been suffering from almost disappeared.

5. Apple cider vinegar gave wonderful results:

Another girl mentioned on Quora that when she applied apple cider vinegar only to wash her hair, she started feeling amazing and her hair felt better.

6. Use of apple cider vinegar and sodium bicarbonate in 1:1 ratio is even better:

Instead of using and applying shampoo or soap, if you use apple cider vinegar and sodium bicarbonate in the ratio 1:1, your hair will feel amazing and even light.

7. Scalp massage is a very good solution:

Well, after going through some of the users’ comments on Quora, what could be safely concluded was that scalp massage is perhaps one of the best solutions to keep your hair in good condition and also keep your scalp in a better condition.

8. Pears bar, scalp brush, and camellia oil:

Last but not the least, it can also be said that the Pears soap with essential oils can also be helpful instead of using a shampoo with loads of chemicals in it.

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