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ESCAPED From The Bermuda Triangle: Ship Makes It’s Reappearance After Missing For 90 Years.

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1. Time for a long trip

The ship was first spotted on 16th May near a restricted military zone located in the west of Havana by Cuban authorities. They attempted to communicate with the crew but didn’t succeed, so they ultimately sent three patrol boats towards the ship.

2. Investigation time

The Cuban authorities were shocked to find that the ship was almost a 100 years old streamer. Its name is Cotopaxi, and has been associated with the Bermuda Triangle in the past. It seemed as if the crew has left the ship a long time ago, and people started thinking whether this was the tramp freighter which disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1925.
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3. More questions than answers

Finally, they were able to find the captain’s logbook, and their suspicions turned out to be true –it was actually the ship linked to the Clinchfield Navigation Company, the owners of the SS Cotopaxi. However, there was nothing written about its disappearance or where it was for so many years.
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4. Time for experts to come in

Rodolfo Salvador Cruz, a Cuban expert, thinks that the captain’s logbook is not fake. There is a lot of information in it, including the crew and everything concerning the ship before it disappeared, but nothing was written after December 1, 1925.
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5. History

On 29th November 1925, the SS Cotopaxi left Charleston, South Carolina for Havana, Cuba. There were 32 men on board the ship, and the captain was Captain W. J. Meyer. It carried approximately 2340 tons of coal. The ship was declared missing after 2 days, and after 90 years, was found again. [adinserter block=”16″]

6. Man in charge of investigation

General Abelardo Colomé, the Vice President of Council of Ministers, declared that they will be investigating the matter and how the ship reappeared. He added that it is of vital importance that they learn how this happened. That incident caused a lot of damage to the company, and this investigation will help ensure that similar incidents are avoided in the future. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle might finally be solved.
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7. Where the ship could have been

The Bermuda Triangle doesn’t have any strict boundaries, it is located between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico.Countless ships and planes have disappeared in this region and we have no idea how that happened.
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8. Can science solve this mystery

Although these strange theories are quite popular, the existence of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is often disregarded by most scientists, and they believe that human mistakes and natural phenomenon are to blame for these incidents.

Although these theories are rejected, the scientific community has definitely shown interest in the mystery of the SS Cotopaxi’s reappearance. Hopefully, they will be able to solve this soon.


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