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8-Year-Old Called His Dad & Said 3 Men Were Breaking In. That’s When Dad Went Full Badass.

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A boy, eight years old, living in Alabama, came home from school a bit early than his father usually does. Upon reaching home, he saw something which scared him immediately – he witnessed three men attempting to break into their home.


His mother had advised him to hide under a bed with a knife is a certain situation ever arises and he did exactly as he was told – almost as if this was another Taken movie. Finally, he called his father.

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The father, after receiving his call, told him to not move and just wait, while he drove as fast as possible to reach home.
He was carrying a handgun and immediately after rushing into his house, opened fire at those 3 armed men.

Laquita Embry, his husband said, “I was informed by my husband about the incident, and he told me that he has everything under control. He also said that there is a chance that one of them is dead.”[adinserter block=”16″]


Raheem Tyreze Stubbs, a 22 year old boy, who was one of those 3 men was fatally wounded, along with another man, but those two managed to escape. While a team was dispatched to track the intruders following their blood trail, it was in vain, since the intruders ran off in a car.
Laquita told WBRC that she wasn’t at all grieved about the boy’s condition since it is unethical to steal stuff this way from men and women who work so hard to provide for their families.
The little kid and his father didn’t sustain any injuries.
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Sgt. Jack Self informedthe local media that a homicide investigation will be carried out since a person has been killed, and whether the father will face any charges will be decided by the district attorney’s office.
Laquita Embrytold WBRC-TV that his son told his father after calling him that he saw some men breaking into their house. [adinserter block=”16″]


Jamarcus Stubbs, who is Raheem Stubbs uncle, was one of the intruders and was brought to custody. He has been charged with not only burglary, but also Raheem’s murder.
Christian said, ”If your co-partner is killed when you are with him in a criminal activity, then you will be charged with murder, even if you didn’t literally kill him.”
This incident is similar, and the police has said that they will be able to track down the third person soon.

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