Princess Diana was one of the most beautiful and charismatic women of all times and    her pictures clearly show that she had an excellent fashion style.

Take a look at these 17 rare photos of the gorgeous Princess Diana showing her at her best.

1. 1965: Posing in a pea jacket for a royal portrait

2. 1971: Spending summer in West Sussex, wearing a wide-brimmed felt hat.

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3. 1974: Teenage Diana’s pet pony Scuffle kissing her

4. May 1981: Wearing a peasant top and plastic aviator sunglasses, Diana watching Prince Charles play polo.

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5. June 1981: Sitting in her car, wearing a checkered sweater and watching a polo match.

6. February 1981: Donning a ruffled top and bowler hat.

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7. June 1983: Wearing an evening gown designed by Bruce Oldfield and The Diamond Spencer Tiara and visiting a dinner party hosted by The Province of New Brunswick.

8. October 1985: Playing piano with Prince William and Prince Harry, her sons, in Kensington Palace.

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9. April 1987: Visiting the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in Surrey wearing a hat and a Catherine Walker suit by Graham Smith.

10. 1985: Dancing with Prince Charles in a magnificent blue dress designed by David Emanuel.

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11. August 1987: Spedning time with Prince William and Prince Harry in Majorca, Spain.

12. January 1988: Spending time with Prince Harry, while he is riding on a pony in Sandringham, UK.

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13. May 1988: Wearing a T-shirt, jeans, oversized blazer and boots, she is watching Prince Charles play polo at Smiths Lawn Windsor.

14. April 1990: Wearing a leopard skin swimsuit and sarong on holiday in the Carribbean’s Necker Island.

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15. April 1994: Wearing a beautiful Philadelphia Eagles letterman jacket at Alton Towers Theme Park.

16. November 1994: Princess Diana and Hillary Clinton wearing a gold-buttoned skirt suit at a luncheon at the British Embassy.

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17. January 1997: This photo was taken at the Neves Bendinha Orthopaedic workshop. The 13-year-old Sandra Thijika, lost her leg in a mine accident in 1994.

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