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This Amazing New Hoodie Lets You Literally WEAR Your Cat

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Some of the people we see around do not want to mingle with their cats most often and hate to have even the cat’s fur on themselves. On the other hand, we can see that some people are still out there who have a soft corner for their cats. What is more surprising, they even want to carry their cats along with them wherever they go.


Well, if you belong to the second category of people who love to carry their cats along with them wherever they go, then there is good news for you.

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It is for all cat lovers who find it difficult to leave their cats at home or face problems while carrying their cats with them. Unihabitat has launched the Summer


You can buy it here


You can carry your cat in the pouch that is provided in front of the hoodie and it is very comfortable and will definitely prove to be a comfortable and warm place for your cat. The fabric of this pouch is basically composed of such a material that it will never break or tear. What is more interesting is that, you can even place a cool pack right inside the pouch, if your



The best part is that it can also be washed in a washing machine. Great, isn’t it? Another interesting fact about this hood is that it has two small pom poms. Well,


This hoodie with an inbuilt pouch is perhaps one of the best things that you can do for your favorite cat. It brings you and your cat closer.

It is available In Amazon.



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