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You Have Been Drinking Water Wrong Your Entire Life And It Is Affecting Your Health

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When elders in our home say that drinking water in a standing posture is not good for health, I am sure many of us have not even bothered to think why they say so, leave alone stopping the practice.

We come across many people in our lives who just gulp water while standing. All of us will shocked if we understand the harmful side effects this habit causes. While health experts recommend drinking water in a seated position, one need to understand the real difference it makes.

It is an ancient belief that drinking water in a sitting posture helps you gain optimal health benefits. Though an ancient belief, there exists strong scientific background for the same.


In general, we are advised to drink not less than 8 glasses of water every day. When we drink water in a standing position, water flows with an uninterrupted speed through the guts and splatters on the inside walls of the stomach. This sudden splattering causes injury to the stomach wall and the organs surrounding the area including the gastrointestinal tract every time. When such an injury is caused again and again over a period of time, the effective functioning of our Digestive system tends to get distorted.


Our kidneys which are responsible for the filtration of impurities from our body fail to do this job properly due to the sudden flow of water when it is consumed in a standing position. Due to this, impurities that gets accumulated in the Bladder causes damage to the kidneys giving raise to urinary Tract related ailments


Drinking water in a standing position also gives rise to Arthritis related problems since the water so consumed gets blocked in our joints causing imbalance in their fluid levels. This imbalance results in the accumulation of excess fluids in joints resulting in ailments like Arthritis.


A clear understanding of the systems in our body will throw more clarity on what happens when we drink water in a standing or sitting position. There are two kinds of systems working in our body which are related to our food habits. One is the ‘fight and flight’ system which is also referred to as the ‘Sympathetic System’. When water is consumed in a standing position, this system gets active creating tension in the nerves. Because of this, the water consumed does not get fully absorbed by the body thus spoiling the purpose of drinking water. On the other hand, when water is consumed in a sitting position the other system called the ‘rest and digest system’ or parasympathetic system becomes active. Calming down the nerves, this system enables quick absorption of water by the body. This indicates the impact of water drinking habits on our Nervous System which is directly linked to the Brain.


When we drink water in a standing position, water gets splattered on the Esophagus in a harsh manner leading to a dilated Sphincter, the joint in between stomach and Esophagus. When this disturbance is caused to the Sphincter which is responsible for avoiding acid secretion in stomach, the acid that secrete start moving in the opposite direction causing a burning sensation in the Esophagus. This is how Ulcers and heartburns are caused in us.


As seen earlier, when we drink water while sitting, the muscles and nerves are in a relaxed position enabling quick digestion and absorption of water consumed. This means that people who are prone to drinking water in a standing position will soon experience problems related to indigestion.


Ayurveda insists that water be drunk gradually in small sips. Sipping water slowly in a relaxed manner and in a seated position helps dilute the acid by mixing correct levels of water to it in a quiet manner, providing the necessary enrichment to our bodies.


People who have the habit of drinking water in a standing position must notice that doing so will not quench their thirst completely.

Of course, it is okay if water is drunk in a standing position every now and then. But regularly practicing this may lead to serious ailments in the long run

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