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7 Truths You Just Can’t Deny

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#1 If It Were Always Like This…

I’d make sure to be the one doing the shopping more often.

#2 Our Common Bond

All hail the almighty junk drawer!

#3 When My Parents Ask Me…

Oh yeah sure! Everything is just fine!

#4 Trying To Look Sexy

There’s a 50/50 chance you’re going to pull off an attractive look in your selfie.

#5 Why Don’t You Have Any Pictures Of Me?

Isn’t this the truth? It takes like 50 pictures to get one you’re allowed to keep, and by that time you’re pretty over it.

#6 And This Is Why You Wash Your Clothes After Riding On The Subway

This act was caught on camera… imagine how much goes unnoticed!

#7 Dear Diary…

Seriously, you can’t wear things like this and expect eye contact 100% of the time!Source

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