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This Bridge Is So Scary, People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Drive Across It On Their Own.

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For people who normally are careful, driving usually is a boring experience, and it almost becomes a part of our daily routine. You drive in your car to your workplace, and back to your home in the evening.


Most people in Japan also follow the same notion, however, for some people driving is a dangerous experience. Take a look at this below, and I am sure if you are a casual driver, this will make you nervous as well.
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The Eshima Ohashi bridge spans approximately one mile and links the Matsue city with Sakaiminato in Japan. Initially, it will look like any other normal bridge.
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But when you start driving on it, that experience can be compared to riding on a real coaster. Just imagine the plight of the drivers who have to drive on this bridge every day.
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4. Just imagine driving here.

Although this slope is supposed to totally safe, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t terrified of driving here. The main reason why it has been designed in this way is that it needed to have a minimum altitude to allow ships to pass underneath the bridge.
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5. Stay safe, people.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and relatives. Let us know what you think about this bridge! Personally, I would never have the courage to drive on this bridge on my own.
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