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7 Disturbing Pictures Of People Moments Before They Died

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Every person’s life has to come to an end at one point of life, but coping with the loss of a close one is tough. It takes time to leave that behind and move on. The easiest way to do it is to gradually move away and avoid any connection at all. Besides, there is no point in remaining back since nothing we do will bring the dead back. Most people just die and leave nothing behind.

However, these seven people left behind memories in the form of pictures just before they passed away. For every relative and friend of the deceased member, this picture will often haunt them and terrify them. Take a look at these top 7 pictures of people taken moments before they died.

1.This WWII veteran who died at the age of 99 years.

The picture was captured just before he passed away.

2. A mother took this selfie with his son, moments before the Malaysia Airlines took off.

You obviously know the strange incidents that happened to the plane.
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3. A woman shared a Snapchat with her boyfriend, and a few minutes later, the boyfriend shoots her dead.

4. This picture was taken in 2013, and Gabriella Hernandez posted it on her Facebook account just before she committed suicide that year.

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5. This picture of Dave Hally with his wife and daughter was taken after boarding MH17.

6. Picture of Amy Winehouse captured just a week before she passed away.

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7. Picture of Kurt Cobain moments before he committed suicide

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