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18 Of The Funniest Texts On The Internet

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You can probably see numerous images of funny texts on the Internet every day, however this list is the ultimate compilation of the top 18 funniest texts currently available on the Internet. That’s because, there is a wide variety, not just your typical “autocorrect” funny texts. So, check below to start reading and hopefully you will have a good laugh!

#1 If you got this from your mom, you’d at first be like “aw…my mom is the best” and then 2 seconds later be like “…wait a minute!”

#2 You would never, ever, EVER be able to look at your mother the same way.

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#3 If that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

#4 He should’ve been way more specific…and she should’ve been a little less literal.

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#5 LOL “stop sending me pictures of a cat”.

#6 Tina gave this poor guy the wrong number…thank you, Tina.

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#7 She’s totally getting daughter of the year award. Not.

#8 Not sketchy at all…

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#9 He keeps getting closer and closer and closer…and creepier.

#10 If she’s calling it “the thing”, she’s too young for you, bruh.

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#11 His Highness.

#12 Moms shouldn’t be allowed to text…or attempt to Google search.

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#13 Never go to dad for help…he’ll just troll you.

#14 One dementia.

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#15 Drunk Jess seems great until Tomorrow Jess realizes what she’s done.

#16 I’m definitely going to start saying “Oklahoma” instead of O.K from now on.

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#17 She is asking a legitimate and very important question. Answer it, mister.

#18 She obviously wants nothing to do with you.

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