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Man Arrested For Stealing 2 Tons of Bacon

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A weird incident happened in Michigan today, when Randolf Turner, a 46 year old man, who is also the manager of a Wendy’s restaurant, stole around 2 tons of bacon for the past 6 years from the restaurant.


Investigations have revealed that he used to steal anywhere from 20 to 250 kgs of meat every week. This meat was shipped to the restaurant’s branch where he was the manager, and it is evident that he took advantage of this position to modify orders and sales so that no one would get suspicious about the disappearance of meat.


However, the company’s officialsgrew suspicious about Mr. Turner’s activities in January, after they had installed security cameras in various areas of the restaurant without letting him know. The cameras captured the entire incident where he used to steal the 10 kg bags of bacon regularly.When they questioned some of the employees of that restaurant, they realised that Mr. Turner was upto something. The legal department of the company then decided to let the police handle this case, and they arrested him soon.


He has been charged with embezzlement, fraud and larceny, and will be probably be sentenced to 15 years of prison, if the court finds him guilty. Needless to say, he has already been fired after the arrest. The reason regarding why their fired was officially stated as a “breach of trust” between him and the company, so they have decided to let him go.


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