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This Is Why Sleeping On Your Right Side Could Be Silently Killing You…GOSH! You Better Switch Positions

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1. Left Side Is Better

Sleeping on the left side is much better – cleansing of the body from toxins thorught the thoracic duct and lymph nodes improves. In fact, sleeping on the right can have deadly side effects including stomach or oesophageal cancer, since the gastric juices aren’t able to move freely and remain in the oesophagus for a long time.

2. Health Benefits

Many digestive problems such as heartburn can be solved by simply sleeping on the left. This is because this position allows the gastric juices to move properly without any hindrance.

3. Pregnant Women

Sleeping on the left side improves heart flow to the baby, hence every pregnant woman should sleep on the left.

4. Choosing A Side

Tossing or turning while sleeping at night is an involuntary action, and you don’t have any control over that, but you can definitely reduce it. Sleep on the left side, and whenever you wake up at night and find that you have changed sides, just move back to the left. Gradually, this will become a habit.

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