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Styling Mistakes Which Make You Look Older And Fatter.

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Our fashion style and dressing sense is bound to change with age, and it also depends on the current trends. Also, many women tend to choose their own fashions style, especially once they have grown older, since they are more confident and mature. However, there are others who have a weird fashion sense and need to be guided properly. Different people should adopt different trends, e.g. short skirts, or short hair don’t fit everybody. Take a look at these list of top 6 styling mistakes which can ruin your appearance and can make you look weird in public.

1. Too much black

Black is a universal colour, there is no doubt about that. However, using too much black colour, especially as you age, is a poor dressing style. The reason is that the skin colour lightens up as we grow older, making our wrinkles, black spots and other skin defects easily visible.

2. Disproportionate sizes

We prefer to cover our skin more as we age, however there is a limit to that. You shouldn’t just buy something which is completely disproportionate, buy something of appropriate size and which you are comfortable in.

3. Too long skirts

This is a continuation of the second point. Since we try to cover a lot of skin, we tend to buy skirts which become too long. It is true that short skirts aren’t fashionable any more if you are older, but mid-knee skirts are perfect.

4. Spectacles

In case you have to wear spectacles, make sure you choose the proper frame. Different frames look good on different shapes of faces, e.g. round faces look good with oversize frames

5. Stumpy shoes

While stumpy shoes are more comfortable than others, you need to ensure that they are the perfect size. Remember, that thin styled footwear is perfect for women aged over 35 years.

6. Scarves

Scarves used to be quite popular during the 90s, and as we grow older, we have a tendency to wear them more and more. Unfortunately, they make us look old fashioned, hence the best way is to swing them around your shoulder or attach them to your bag’s handle; just remember not to wrap them around your neck.

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