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Teen Wears A Sparkling Dress to Prom, But Notice What The Cops Are Holding In Their Hands!

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1. Officer Charlie Kondek of the Tarpon Springs, FL. police force died in 2014.

He was shot during an encounter and died. This left her family devastated since they lost the precious man they loved so much. [adinserter block=”16″]

2. This crime led a massive blow to the family.

Aleena, his daughter, was even more devastated. After two years, when prom night was nearby, those memories of her father started coming back.
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3. According to tradition, on prom night, the father takes picture with her daughter.

Aleena, while on her way to the River Ridge High prom, was rather depressed since her father won’t be there to take any pictures with her.
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4. Aleena couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the same Tarpon Springs department behind her.

She was really grateful to all the officers, and she also stated that the officials often text her to make sure that she is ok, and almost makes up for her lost father.
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5. She says that she will never forget her father

Even after this incident, she probably won’t be able to forget about the accident, and it will probably haunt her throughout her life. Still, she at least has the support of Tarpon Springs PD.
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