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What Sin Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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There is no human being on Earth who has not sinned. We are not supposed to do so, but doing so is often fun and gives pleasure. Some sins are barely noticeable, while there are others which can affect a person’s life severely. Some people commit sins every day, and these gradually define that person’s personality. Astrology can reveal a lot of information about us, including our dark sides and the sins we are most likely to commit. Take a look at them below.

Let us know which sin you like the most!

1. Pisces

Sloth. You are slow, and you are a day dreamer. You are a sluggish person, and since you work at such a slow pace, you make others frustrated.

2. Aquarius

Being a false prophet. You have this opinion that God has sent you to this earth for some special purpose. You are ahead of everyone else, and you think people show become more like you. However, you are a nobody, and nobody cares about you.
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3. Capricorn

Greed. You always want to be one step ahead of your competitors.Your lust for money makes you greedier than everyone, yet you have more money than most of your colleagues. You enjoy showing off which is a sin.

4. Sagittarius

Adultery. You are always flirting, hence finding partners is easy for you. You enjoy sex, but you cannot commit to a particular person. Hence, your relationships don’t last long, and finding true love is difficult for you.
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5. Scorpio

Lust. Being the most passionate among all zodiac signs, you enjoy intimacy. Since you have a charming personality, you have no problem in finding partners. This lust is sinful since you have difficulty in finding true love.

6. Libra

Vanity. Venus is the ruler of Libra and is the goddess of beauty. Your beauty comes before everything else. The mirror is your favorite object and the first thing that you do in the morning is look in the mirror. You are so obsessed with your personal beauty that it becomes a sin.
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7. Virgo

Envy. You are always jealous and want to be the most important person in a group. You are unable to manage your jealous feelings if someone is in possession of something that you want, especially if that someone is a lover. Your sin is jealousy; hence you are unable to express your emotions properly which makes you even more jealous.

8. Leo

Pride. You always want to be the best at everything you do, and also think that no one is better than you are. You are naturally talented to excel in any activity you participate in, and you are well aware of that. This also makes you arrogant and full of pride. If is a sin, and ultimately it can affect your life.
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9. Cancer

You are constantly following others and never believe in yourself. You are so concerned about your close ones that it ultimately affects you negatively. You are more concerned about them than yourself. It is a sin to put these people at a status above you.

10. Gemini

Dishonesty. Being dishonest is a serious sin. When you are telling the same incident in different ways to different people, it’s a lie. You have a tendency to lie quite often. However, you don’t always do this intentionally; your face has two sides which are complete complements of each other, and that is why you say two different things.
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11. Taurus

Gluttony. You always think about yourself and enjoy having food, buying expensive stuff and having sex. Since you don’t know how to keep in control, you lead an unhealthy life.

12. Aries

Murder. You are short-tempered and unpredictable. Most people aren’t able to handle your rage. When you are angry, you have no control over yourself, and you might murder someone then.
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