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Her Husband Thought She Was Cheating, So He Threw Her A Surprise Party To Catch Her In The Act

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This man had a constant feeling that his wife is cheating on him with someone other. So he decided to find it out and give a sweet revenge. He arranged a surprise birthday party to her with family and friends.

He says ” I had a feeling that she is cheating on me. I started to suspect her with her recent changes like constantly texting, smiling and laughing while texting etc. So I asked her about it and she shrugged off saying its her mother.”


“I started to call her co-workers every night, but when ever i call, they said she left hours ago” “When I asked her what was going on she’d laugh it off and say it was just something they did to each other at the office all the time.”
With these, man decided to catch her cheating on her birthday with a surprise birthday party.
He invited everyone of his family and friends to give her a birthday party, without knowing her.
Man says “when I asked her what she wanted to do on her birth day, she was rather insisted on me going out of town with my friends as she just had to work anyways and didn’t want to be reminded she was aging,”
“I knew she is upto something”


“So I started my plan for her birthday. I left house pretending like I am going out of town with my friends. Then I called her parents, sister and several of her friends. I told them I want to give her a big surprise by sneaking into her room with a big cake with candles, party steamers and kazoos”
“Everyone agreed”
“So at 8:30 am on morning, everyone met me outside our apartment. “We all pile in the elevator (about 8 of us in total); her mother is holding the cake and I’m reminding everyone to be as quiet as they can be.”


I unlocked the door and we all sneak in our way to the bed room. Everyone holding a kazoo and her mom with the cake. Then plan went as I planned. With everyone getting a big surprise… not just the wife.


“When I opened the room, we all yelled at surprise to see my wife laying in bed but-tnaked with her lover staring at us.”


Man continues, “Mom screamed and dropped the cake.Her father began to shout. Sister horrified. her friends try to push everyone out while yelling at her.”
My wife, excuse me, ex-wife is sobbing and screaming how could I while the lover is desperately trying to put his pants on while running out of the place.” “Needless to say, it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given.”

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