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The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

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#1 Putting Your Hand In Their Pocket

Putting your hand in a partner’s pocket shows they mean something to you. You’re relaxed and comfortable around this person. You feel safe.

#2 Wrapping Your Arms Around Their Waist

Wrapping your arms around a person’s waist shows protection. You’re confident you can provide security and comfort at any time.

#3 Looking Directly At Them

Deeply staring in someone’s eyes means, you’ve established a genuine connection. Starring into another person’s eyes while holding them goes beyond physical feeling. You’re connecting with a person’s soul.

#4 Rubbing Their Back While Hugging

Rubbing a person’s back shows reassurance. You want to be there for the person. You care about them. This is usually something you do with a person who you’re willing to tell your problems to, and listen to theirs also.

#5 Putting Your Arm Around Their Shoulder

Putting your arm around a person’s shoulder establishes friendship. This means you trust the other person, but not as a lover. They are someone you can rely on.

#6 Giving A Pat On The Back While Hugging

Giving a pat on the back is also a sign of friendship. You’re showing you do not want intimacy. This is something people who are in early stages of friendship do, to show camaraderie.

#7 Keeping Distance While Hugging

Keeping distance while you hug shows that you’re uncomfortable. This shows uncertainty or disagreement. This always isn’t a bad thing. It can also mean that you’re unfamiliar with this person. But in some situations, it shows that you have no desire to hug this person.


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