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Woman Claims She Became Pregnant By Black Man After Using Toilet Paper Contaminated With Semen

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Brittany, an18 year oldwoman from Alabama, claims that she has given birth to a child who belongs to a stranger after she used a porta potty last year at a fair. She has reported that she used the porta potty after a man exited. She found that there was some semen on the floor, which probably belonged to the man and also noticed that there was some semen on the toilet paper. She believes that she got contaminated while wiping herself with that paper. Her child has dark skin while neither Brittany nor her husband has dark skin, in fact they have blue eyes and are blonde. Her husband finally understood what happened and is supporting her completely. They are now trying to find the man.
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Michael, Brittany’s husband along with her wife, has made a sketch of the person that she saw exiting from the porta potty. The incident took place on 14th May, 2015. Despite happening almost a year ago, Brittany had no problem in remembering how the man looked.
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They are now requesting people to contact the Alabama police department if they are able to see this man somewhere. Brittany wants this man to know that he is now a father, and also wants him to pay child support. However, in case he is not found, her husband will raise him as his own child. Brittany is extremely happy about this and claims that her family means everything to her and that she will never cheat on her husband. [adinserter block=”16″]


Several people from the neighbourhood have accused Brittany, saying that she is a cheater. However, according to her, what her husband think is the most important to her, and he completely trusts her.
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