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10 Most Awkward Professional Uniforms Ever.

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Uniforms are clothes with a unique design and colour to show the professional side that they are representing. But sometimes, designers take these concepts to the extreme which unfortunately turns out to be extremely embarrassing for the person wearing the uniform. Take a look these top 10 most embarrassing professional uniforms of all time.

10. Hot dog on a stick.

This is hilarious that someone who has to sell hot dogs has to wear a uniform which makes her look like a hotdog! I can only imagine mustard and hotdog after seeing this uniform.

9. Too much embarrassment in one picture.

This uniform is just embarrassing, in one word. The designer of this uniform should never be given another job after creating such a massacre.

8. Camel t0e

This photo shows sports girls on the podium and wearing tight bodysuits while flashing camel toes.

7. Stretching

I agree that she is a gymnast and her suit needs to be flexible, but really that much? And what exactly is she attempting to do? Adjusting the suit or just showing off?

6. Red everywhere

I am normally not a huge fan of one piece clothes, but even you have to agree that these clothes look horrible.

5. Bare behind while swimming

This could only happen in two ways – either the creator of the swimming suit wasn’t careful enough or there was revenge in his or her mind. How else can you justify this mistake?

4. Nak-ed?

A perfect optical illusion. I really feel pity for the Colombian cycling women’s team since they have to wear the weirdest sports jerseys of all times.

3. Cute rugby player wearing pink jersey

Rugby is a game of aggression and power; hence I can’t imagine how someone thought that having a player wear pink jersey would be a good decision in a rugby game.

2. Some balls this guy has

Seems like ladies aren’t exclusive to having camel toe.

1. Up-skirt

One of the most embarrassing situations in tennis for the ladies. Arantxa Rus didn’t realise that her skirts were that short.

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