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7 Common Tampon Mistakes Every Woman Makes But Never Realizes

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Tampons have become much more popular than pads nowadays, because of their reduced visibility under clothes. However, just because they are better than pads don’t mean that you should be lazy and use them anyway you want. Obviously, all tampons come with warnings but including every point on a package isn’t possible. Take a lookat these top 7 tampon mistakes that every woman makes without realising, which can be quite harmful for your health.

1. You only wash your hands after inserting

2. The tampon isn’t inserted properly.
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3. You use only one kind of tampon.

It is better to use the brand of tampon that you are most comfortable in.

4. You change your tampon at least once daily.

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5. Using a tampon the next day after the end of periods.

6. After peeing, you don’t change your tampon.

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7. Wearing two tampons at once.

If you are among those people who make these mistakes, I would suggest that you change you change these habits right now, since these mistakes can be harmful in the future.
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