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On June 1, 2016 Saturn Is Going To Be Very Close To The Earth And You Dare Not Miss It!

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1. 10,000 Years Later

Since the last 10,000 years, Saturn will fly at the closest distance to the Earth, reported NASA. They are going to be so close to each other that we can see the planet with the naked eye!

2.Wonderful sight

Several researchers have claimed that this is going to be a wonderful sight, and it might be one of the best astronomical sights of this century. Its very rare that Saturn comes close to Earth, said George Pooler, NASA’s spokesperson. He also said that no human being currently alive has ever seen such a sight before.

3. Better Research

Pooler added that he was very excited about this, especially because the general public will be able to see the beauty of the ringed planet, Saturn. This also provides them an opportunity to study the various aspects of the planet better.

4. 1930

In the year 1930, Saturn came quite close to Earth, but this time, it will be coming much more close.

5. Be ready!

NASA already has a few images from the last rotation, but they believe that they are nothing compared to this amazing sight. NASA has asked everyone to keep an eye on the sky on 1st June, 2016 to witness this amazing sight.

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