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Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk Right Now

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1. Contents of a glass of cow’s milk

We all know that cow’s milk contains vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to your body, but cow’s milk also contains acidic animal proteins which consist of feces, pus cells and various antibiotics which are harmful to the body.

2. Strange

Did you know that we are the only mammals who drink the milk of another species? We are also the only mammals who drink milk even as adults. But here’s something even more strange – we were never really designed to digest cow milk.

3. Protein and calcium

Several metabolic imbalances occur due to the fact that cow’s milk contains three times more milk than human milk. Also, there is another strange myth going on that since there is 300 mg calcium in cow’s milk is extremely beneficial for our bones so we should be drinking at least three glasses of cow milk every day. That is definitely not true.

4. Media Push

The “Got Milk?” campaign is advertising that milk has several benefits but research has found out that excessive milk drinking can cause calcium loss in our bones. This is because food which is high in proteins can make the pH more acidic which in turn forces calcium out of our bones, to neutralize that effect. The end product is excreted through urine, but gradually this will cause calcium loss.

5. Pasteurization

The pasteurization process completely gets rid of most vitamins and enzymes which actually makes digesting milk even harder. Moreover, around 75% people worldwide are lactose intolerant, hence they cannot drink milk.

6. Bovine Growth Hormone

Bovine Growth Hormone is actually a synthetic hormone known as rBGH which accelerates the insulin release rate in out bodies. This is extremely harmful, and can even cause cancer. Cows, while eating grass, also eat pesticides which are present in the milk we drink. Hence, the negative effects are passed to us.

7. Pro-Inflammatory

Besides, milk is pro-Inflammatory increase mucus growth, which can give you allergies or serious respiratory diseases or even arthritis. However, these negative side effects aren’t present in fermented dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.

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