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Girl Makes Out With This Poor Guy At A Party. When He Texts Her, She Shuts Him Off With This Shocking Reply

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Erica went to a party last night where she met a guy named Connor. Connor had his eyes set on her for a long time, and during the whole duration of the party, he was feeding her drinks to get her drunk. Finally, after a few hours, Erica was too drunk and that’s when Connor realized it was the golden opportunity he had been waiting for. They made out and Connor also saved her number.


The next morning, Connor sent her a text asking her if they should hang out again. Erica was not really interested since it was Connor who got her drunk and that was the main reason why they made out.


When she doesn’t reply, Connor keeps on sending her messages which was extremely irritating. You can’t really blame the girl here, since the guy was being so desperate.


Erica understood that he needs to understand that she’s not into him, and that’s why she took a drastic action.


Although Erica did not respond to any of the text messages, Connor didn’t stop texting her. He was continuously sending her harassing text messages.


Finally, after she received the 10th message, Erica decided to go for it. She knew that what she was doing was risky, but she had to take some action.


She sent him this picture. Although this was risky, it was probably the best way to shut him off for good. A brilliant idea indeed!

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