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Son Ignores Her Calls. 3 Years Later, He Looks Closer At This Old Family Video And Sees It

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1. A surprising gift from a filmmaker on Mother’s Day

Charles Frank, a filmmaker, was quite close to his family when he was young, but as he grew up he started getting more and more distant, especially from his mother. He never knew that his mother used to capture several home videos when he was young, and when he found them, he came up with a brilliant plan to fix his relationship with his mother, by creating a film from those home videos and voice messages sent by his mom. He named the film “My Baby You’ll Be – An Open Letter.”

2. He never answered her Mom’s phone calls

Real voice messages sent by his mother were used in the film. She would often call his son and leave voice messages stating that she really misses him a lot, but since Charles was very busy with his work, he never used to answer those phone calls.

3. Charles’s current age is 21

Despite being just 21 years old, Charles is a reputed filmmaker in Brooklyn. To portray the exact situation that happened a few years ago, he shot in certain part of the film describing his daily life, while his mother’s voice mails were being played in the background. He wanted to show how he used to ignore his mom via these scenes.

4. Now we go back to the past

Next, the film goes back to the past, the home videos that his mother used to film have been used here. The way she constantly praises and motivates her son is really touching, especially the scene where she speaks about how a particular day is important for Charles is amazing.

5. The film is packed with touching moments between the son and mother

Several videos from his childhood have been included in the film, and the end result is stunning. Anyone watching the film will understand that his mother was always beside him. She used to love him then and she still does now and that’s why she was trying to call him to interact with him, communicate him and let him know that she will never leave his side.

6. The ending will make you emotional

The ending of the video is bound to make the viewer emotional. In that scene, his mom leaves a voice message stating, “I’m behind you every step. I love you. Bye.”

7. You will be a star

An open letter to Mom. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”


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