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10 AduIt Questions Men Secretly Want Women To Answer

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Human beings are always curious, they always have various questions in their mind, but they don’t always ask these question since the other person might get offended. However, when we don’t get the answers to these questions, we get anxious and restless. The main reason is that these questions are significant to us.

Men have several questions about girls and their relationships, but they are afraid to talk about these topics.

So here is a list of the top 10 questions that men are too afraid to ask women.

1. How many guys did you have $ex with?

2. How often do girls masturbate?

3. Should I continue trying to win a girl’s heart after she has rejected me twice?

4. Will she get disturbed if I wake her for $ex when she is sleeping?

5. Will you still flirt with a guy who wears a wedding ring?

6. Which part of your body, when touched, makes you feel the most $exy?

7. Is it necessary to inform the girl about my virginity?

8. Abs or arms – which impresses girls more?

9. How can I ask a girl to give me a blowjob without making her angry?

10. Do pictures of dicks turn them on?

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