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Epic Tinder Fail! Girl Offers S3x In Exchange For Money To Pay Her Electricity Bill

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#1 This Girl Is Asking For Money In Return For $ex On Tinder

This girl is one classy broad. She wants money in return for $ex, and she’s asking for it on Tinder.

#2 Her Description Seems Innocent

Looking at her bio, she seems like a pretty innocent girl. She even has a 4-year old kid, which honestly makes this kind of sad.

#3 Right Away She Gets To The Point

This guy messages her, and asks for some $exy-time. Right away, she demands money in return.

#4 Hard Times

The guy thinks she’s kidding. She is deadly serious, she needs the cash.

#5 He Reveals He Was Kidding The Whole Time

He is just laughing his head, off. She doesn’t realize he was kidding- luckily he got screenshots so we can all make fun of how poor and desperate she it. Good times.

#6 This Guy Got A Number Without Even Using Words

On the other end of the spectrum, this guy managed to get a girl’s number without even using words. All emoticons, baby.

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