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7 Popular Movies Which Filmed REAL S3ex Between Actors

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In most of the movies where intimate scenes are shown, they are mainly played by substitute actors or those scenes are edited later. However, there are exceptions and in some movies, actors actually had to get intimate to shoot a live s3x scene. THis might be difficult to imagine but it is actually true.

The following list consists of 7 popular movies where real intercourse took place.

1.In The Realm Of Senses

This is a rather strange movie where the actor enjoys asphyxiating the lovers and then carries their test!cIes in her kimono!


This is an adult comedy movie which was shot in New York and involved several s3xual characters having intercourse.

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This movie has several s3xual scenes, and the trailers even consisted of a few glimpses of what would happen in the movie. It has also won several awards.

4.Scarlet Diva

This movie is based on the lives of actress Asia Argento and Italian Filmmaker, whose lives revolved around s3x, drugs and a lot of other addictive things. Needless to say, there are several intimate scenes in the movie.

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S3x and nakedness is an integral part of this movie. What’s shocking is that for shooting one particular scene, the actor had to do full s3x with the actress Rii, who was probably the director’s girlfriend at that time.

6.Pink Flamingos

This film was released in 1942, and due to several bold scenes in this movies, it generated several controversies.

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Paoli Dam had already shown a glimpse of what she can do in Hate Story. But in this Bengali movies, Chatrak, she has shown everything. In fact, the actor, Anubrata Basu really did oral s3x on her! Unimaginable!

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